Unless you have been hiding in a cave or living without power for the last few days, you will likely have heard about the City News reporter who confronted men who were yelling obscenities behind her while she was doing a live broadcast, how she confronted them and how Hydro One then fired one of them for breaking the company’s code of conduct.

Instead of sharing my thoughts with you on this, I am sharing those of my colleague Mark Philbin, who on Wednesday morning on 95.5 Hits FM expressed his thoughts. And he did it better than I could have.



P.S. I have not received anyone’s position to share this here, so if it suddenly disappears it means someone is not happy about me doing so. That being said, I share this out of respect and admiration and the fact, again, he said it better than I.

One thought on “Time for men to start teaching their sons how to be men

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