After more than 25 years in print journalism, Bill Glisky has made the move to online writing andglisky and gruber
radio commentary. From the Cheap Seats can be heard Monday to Friday at 7 am and noon on 95.5 Hits FM and Cool 100.1 FM… or you can hear them through live streaming at or

From the Cheap Seats is the culmination of a career that took Bill from coast to coast to coast in Canada and around the world. He has covered issues ranging from strife in Northern Ireland and hurricanes in Jamaica to city and town council meetings from Prince Albert to East Zorra Tavistock.

In 2008 Bill came to Belleville as managing editor of The Intelligencer newspaper. Shortly afterward he made his first venture into radio as a guest on The Round Table on CJBQ’s Lorne Brooker show. He eventually became a Round Table regular as well as fill in guest host.¬†

After six years at the helm of The Intelligencer, Bill made the step into the local political scene, running for mayor in the 2014 municipal election.

From the Cheap Seats is his views on issues of concern to people in Belleville and the Quinte region or people who still care about what is happening in this region and beyond.

Bill can be reached at Or follow him on Twitter at @BillGlisky or on Facebook 

6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hey Bill,
    Without malice…..
    I usually feel like you’re well informed, but when I heard you talking about the ETFO’s collective bargaining battle with OPSBA and the provincial government this week on 95.5 hits FM I realized that when it comes to this subject, your view from the cheap seats has got you missing the truth about teachers “worrying about their wallets”.

    Take a few minutes to read this article. Maybe you’ll reconsider your view.

    1. HI Alex

      Thanks for the note, but in fact the article you refer to makes my point exactly — namely that the ETFO wants is different from what the other teachers unions got. (Also for the record I never referred to ETFO members worrying about their wallets, just acknowledged the other groups got a pay raise.)

      My point then, as now, is that it’s one thing to want to change working conditions, it’s another to punish children and or parents to do it. Over preparation time and workload? Have they changed in the last few years? Are they being proposed to being changed? Because if they are the same as you signed up for, then yes, try to get them changed, but at the end of the deal that’s what you signed up for … if you don’t like it don’t teach…. it’s not like there isn’t a waiting list of people clamouring for those jobs right now.

      The simple truth is every other teacher in the province signed except you guys. That makes it appear that you think you are somehow better that the others, that you deserve more. I doubt that is true, but appearances can often be stronger than reality. And if you think any of us out here working twice as long for half as much are going to support what you are doing, well I don’t think most of us well… just the way i see things… well you know the rest….

  2. A little bit of a hypocrite today Bill ! Telling people not to be that guy who speeds in a school zone or pass a school bus with red lights. To protect our kids you say. But in your view back at the start of summer it was ok to be a distracted drive ! How did you put it. Cops should be stopping real crime. So its ok to hit a kid with you car as long as your on your cell phone. As long as your not speeding in a school zone. I guess you missed the OPP’s news release that stated distracted driving has passed drunk driving accidents.

  3. Hey Bill

    I was wondering if someone wanted to speak with you regarding something they would like your advice and input on things happening in Belleville, how would would one do so?

  4. Bill,
    I’m not sure how you were selected to host the cheap seats. In most cases you are stating the obvious and in other instances you are completely off base discussing topics that don’t warrant discussion at all. The public is already subjected to such rhetorical nonsense on a daily bases and I truly believe we don’t need it on 3 different local radio stations.

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