Ten things I think I think

By Alexander Campbell Special to The Cheap Seats One of my favourite writers during the football season is Peter King in Sports Illustrated who, at the end of every Monday Morning Quarterback article concludes with “10 Things I Think I Think”. It was always my favourite part because it was an admission that no one […]

Election so far much ado about “not”

The most prominent feature of the 2015 federal election, at least in these very early days, is how so many people seem to have already made up their minds – about who they are not voting for. Right now, it could be called the “NOT election” as in “I’m not voting for that guy!” Of […]

For a generation, Stewart was the one to trust

By Alexander Campbell Special to The Cheap Seats I came of age in politics with the 2000 and 2004 American elections. Everyday, I’d come home and watch “Crossfire” (sorry about that) and I’d watch Jon Stewart before I went to bed. Before Netflix and PVRs, there was legitimate appointment television. I wanted election information and […]

Conservatives still riding high in Quinte

One of the challenges of attempting to pontificate on elections in specific communities, be they federal, provincial or municipal, is we generally don’t get any specific polling information (at least the public doesn’t; candidates and parties often do.) That means it is difficult to figure out who might be leading at any given time or […]

Patron saint of magic bean peddlers

By Alexander Campbell Special to The Cheap Seats I know how he thought it would play out. Alexis Tsipras, Greece’s recently elected anti-austerity Prime Minister thought he would call Europe’s bluff. He thought that, having been elected on what he termed an “anti-austerity” platform, that when Europe pushed him for more cuts for more bailout […]