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  1. It is indeed a good time, though, to look at the system we have evolved over time – due to many factors like, as you say, technology, enhanced media communications, and perhaps an element of a thirst for power/control by the leaders. It is not too late to consider the pros and cons of the current governing process, and challenge the candidates and those helping with campaigns – from the ridings to the national organizations – to explain to us how they plan to proceed with the role of governing. Will the MP’s be given more input and voting power in Caucus and on the Floor? Will hired staffers run the Prime Minister’s Office and exert control on all the workings they can in Parliament? Will the PM work with his Cabinet and Caucus as a team, leaving the direction and control to elected folks as opposed to staff “experts” who are answerable just to the PM? Will consideration be given to the fact that there are usually many in any riding who voted for the “governing party”, even if the opposing candidate was elected?

    Perhaps with the Party System, and without the ruling monarch (or representative) or elected President in place, leaves us in an awkward spot sometimes, especially in times when partisanship gets out of hand, but we CAN challenge the candidates at election time to clarify their vision of the country in the next few years, and of the way it will be managed (or “governed”) if they are voted in to the position of looking after our country for a few years.

  2. Re: the councillor dilemma – I think it will go from confusing to bizarre when the traffic going west on College St. has to come to a screeching halt for people using the cross walk during the day. There are about 6-8 car lengths between the lights at the corner of N. Front and the driveway into Metro. and rarely are there just 6 or 8 cars going through, there are usually many more. So if the cars get backed up across the intersection, when the lights change going N & S on North Front I can hear the din of blaring horns in my imagination already.
    If people have to shop (why, when I think all the meals are provided in the residence?); and I will bet the people in the Pet Store would be happy to deliver cat & dog food (are pets allowed in Quinte Gardens anyway?) ; and the post office delivers mail presumably, so why couldn’t they pick it up at the same time? and for the cost of living there why can’t Quinte Gardens have a little car or bus like the Richmond does, and take people safely to the metro store or the Mall.
    Maybe the councillors who declared a conflict of interest will be happy they did when the people start complaining of being rear-ended or God forbid, hit in the crosswalk!

  3. Re city hall access — what about moving city hall services to a more accessable location and use current location as another iniatitive?

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