Playing with parking issues can be shocking

In the early days of the Mayor’s Taskforce on Downtown, not all of the meetings were what one might call productive. They could, however, often be what one might call a gongshow (this is afterall a more or less G rated blog.) And then, as a group, we came to an agreement that stopped us […]

No secret why Belleville isn’t the best

The remarkable thing about the Moneysense Best Places to Live report every year is not that Belleville isn’t ranked as the best place in the country to live. Let’s face it, as much as we all love living here, at our objective best we can all agree it has room for improvement in a few […]

Some arguments require more discussion

With the vagaries of social media being what they are, sometimes interesting comments about my blog don’t make it to the blog. (Just a reminder you can in fact comment on the blog itself. Also don’t forget you can actually subscribe to my blog and get an email every time a new one gets posted, […]

Good news not only news from Standard and Poor

The headlines around the report for Standard and Poor about Belleville’s credit rating were all the same: how great it was the city has maintained its AA- stable credit rating. And that is totally true — that credit rating is a good thing, one, as Mayor Taso Christopher noted, that is a tribute to the […]

Now is the time to prepare for the future

Progressive and forward thinking are not phrases normally associated with Quinte West; yet more and more it’s looking like maybe they should be, at least in some regards. The city’s new Trent Port Marina has opened to great reviews from boaters and is already bringing new people – and new money – into the city […]

More isn’t better; better is better

By Alexander Campbell Special to The Cheap Seats It will come as absolutely no shock to anyone that our political debates in this country are absolutely lousy. They do an incredible disservice to voters. The highly structured time regulations and question screening make them a festival for sharing talking points. They are, in no way, […]