Pan Am Games worth getting excited about

Forgive the indelicacy, but I have to say if I hear one more person in Toronto complain about the “problems” created by the Pan American Games, I am going to vomit. Ideally right on their shoes. I’m not talking the financial problems that will, eventually arise, from some of the lavish expenditures made so far, […]

Third group gives a glimmer of hope

Here is a hint at exactly how bad – how dysfunctional even – Belleville city council looks these days: in the past week several people have asked me, with varying levels of seriousness, “Aren’t you glad you didn’t get elected?” While I don’t think any of them actually think I might be glad I didn’t […]

Politics of destruction is getting costly

By Alexander Campbell Special to The Cheap Seats Our politics is stupid. Our politicians aren’t stupid. In fact, they’re often accomplished and intelligent people. But they care and they try to make us care about the absolute stupidest things that they can humanly highlight. I have no idea why this is. Can someone tell me […]

Brown could cut the reins even more

  After spending a few minutes with Patrick Brown, it isn’t hard to see why so many people voted for him to be the new leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative party. He is well spoken, hits the various talking points well and at least in small groups is more dynamic than his predecessor (let’s […]

Decision not only result of playground debate

The decision about playgrounds in local subdivisions was answered – noisily – Monday night by Belleville city council. But the ramifications of that meeting will linger for a while. Maybe quite a while. But that decision was not the only noteworthy development that emerged from the discussion on the Potter’s Creek and Settlers Ridge subdivisons. […]

Playing with parking issues can be shocking

In the early days of the Mayor’s Taskforce on Downtown, not all of the meetings were what one might call productive. They could, however, often be what one might call a gongshow (this is afterall a more or less G rated blog.) And then, as a group, we came to an agreement that stopped us […]

No secret why Belleville isn’t the best

The remarkable thing about the Moneysense Best Places to Live report every year is not that Belleville isn’t ranked as the best place in the country to live. Let’s face it, as much as we all love living here, at our objective best we can all agree it has room for improvement in a few […]

Some arguments require more discussion

With the vagaries of social media being what they are, sometimes interesting comments about my blog don’t make it to the blog. (Just a reminder you can in fact comment on the blog itself. Also don’t forget you can actually subscribe to my blog and get an email every time a new one gets posted, […]